The Importance of Copping a Feel

It's one of those things, dreaded by all. Being told that you have Cancer. Sadly this was the reality for a member of Sharkie & Bear’s loyal community, Rachel. Rachel, like many women, had to push for testing and diagnosis as she is a healthy 35 year old woman. Thankfully she knew the signs, thankfully she checked herself, thankfully she is now clear.

Rachel is a mother of 4, who’s own mother has had a journey with breast cancer. When she became aware of a lump she went to the doctors and was eventually diagnosed with DCIS (early stage breast cancer). Rachel went on to have a mastectomy and reconstruction, saving her from the more advanced cancers that would have come her way had she not spotted the signs early enough. Rachel's journey with Cancer was relatively short lived yet far from easy. Even at the early stages, any cancer is traumatic. Her mastectomy caused imaginary itchiness, leaks, severe pain and a whole new physique and scarring to accept. Rachel wouldn’t have it any other way, of course, as it is a blessing that she is now still a healthy, cancer free mother to her beautiful children.

One of the triumphs of Sharkie & Bear, is its community of dedicated women who share their lives, photos and stories alongside their love for Sharkie & Bear earrings. Since launching in May 2020, Sharkie & Bear has sold over 6,000 pairs of earrings and has built a community of over 2,400 women in a VIP Facebook group, of which Rachel is a member. These women are frank, honest and ready to share, and upon hearing Rachel's story, it became apparent to me that it was time for Sharkie & Bear to use the power of it’s brand to raise awareness for something so important to all – Breast Cancer and the Important of Copping a Feel! 

The Coppafeel charity resonated owing to it’s message surrounding checking your boobs. Rachel knew to check hers as sadly her mother also had a journey with breast cancer. Many of us don’t think to check despite 1 in 7 women in the UK being affected by breast cancer in their life time*. So what could Sharkie & Bear do? Well, given their flamboyant, colour loving, kitch collecting community, we decided to make a bold boobilicious pair of earrings that represented women all over the world. What better way to start a conversation about checking your boobs than having them literally hanging from your ears! I knew our community would be on board and share the earrings far and wide and start these all important discussions. Sharkie & Bear have pledged to donate to Coppafeel with every purchase made. 

The collaboration for this project has been incredible with amazing women donating their time and skills for free to help get this campaign up and running. Rebecca McLoughlin from Iconicus Design, created the boob pattern design, Amy Jugg from This is Photography took photos of our amazing Boob earrings for the website, Georgia King drafted this blog post and a massive thank you of course to Rachel, for sharing her story and being honest about what she went through. 

Owing to COVID-19 it is estimated that almost a million women have missed their mammograms as efforts to offer them to women were paused in March 2020 in a bid to minimalise the risk of spreading the virus**. In light of all of this, let’s spread the word and let’s have those conversations.

To order a pair of Sharkie & Bear’s amazing boob earrings and contribute to CoppaFeel, head to the website to get your pair now.