The face behind the brand

“Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women who have her back”. This phrase completely embodies Sharkie & Bear.

So many people, especially women, are diversifying in their career at the moment. We are learning about a ‘new normal’, a new business horizon, and the importance of being kind and uplifting whilst navigating this. Through a journey of change, I can honestly say that I have found myself with a business built on connection, empowerment, and of course a whole load of sparkle!

Sharkie & Bear showcases my creative side. I am Jenny, the designer and creator of the beautiful earrings that you can see on our website and our social media pages. I haven’t always tapped into this side of my personality and my varied career has previously seen me utilising many other skills that have made me the woman that I am today. My career began when studying Maths and Management at Leeds University and going on to work for an accountancy firm, firstly in audit and later moving into Corporate Finance and Business Recovery. 

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and for me, my next change came in the form of a fighter pilot, that I fell in love with at a friend's wedding. Fast forward 9 months and we were married and living in Germany, a vast difference from living in the corporate bubble of London. Anyone who knows anything about military life, knows that it isn’t without adventure. We had a decade of travel around the world and built ourselves a gorgeous family with our children; Charlotte, now 6 and Hugo, 2. We have been so lucky and enjoyed our many adventures.

As a career woman, I have always had a drive to contribute to our household financially and for 5 years, this was in the form of direct sales. Direct sales taught me so much about connection, the power of social media and how to create community in business. There was just one thing missing, I wanted to be promoting my own brand, and not someone else’s.

Prior to lockdown I was toying with the idea of returning to the corporate world, but as lockdown landed, it became evident that now wasn’t the time. I had ordered some beautiful coloured floral cork fabric from Portugal and once it arrived, it struck me how amazing it would look as earrings. So I played around, having never done this before, and before I knew it, I had created something that I was excited to share.

The response was breathtakingly positive and quickly snowballed into a veritable community of wonderful people who share, encourage and congratulate each other on life's wins and of course, their fabulous earring choices! And so, Sharkie & Bear was born. The community grew so quickly and has become our strongest brand asset. 

We have hit so many milestones since. We are included in some amazing subscription boxes, featured on podcasts and even ran a competition on the ITV website. We have also partnered up with some gorgeous boutiques and you will see our earrings in over ten different outlets, which is just incredible. 

My best business advice? Don’t think, do. Learn as you go. Action is so important and I take BIG actions every single day. I frequently say “Go big or go home” and I practice this every day in my business.  I love seeing women succeed in business and have personally felt the encouragement and support I have received has been nothing short of incredible. I love the community of women I surround myself with.

So please, watch this space, there are big things planned for Sharkie & Bear. Thank you for the selfies, ideas, kind words, support and dedication to the brand so far. Social media is powerful and with the help of this community, we are demonstrating just what you can do with a tribe of successful women that have your back!