Sharkie and Bear has arrived!

Hello lovely readers!

Welcome to our new website and specifically here  to our first (of many) blog posts!

What an incredible five months Sharkie and Bear has had – from the first sale at Jenny’s kitchen table to the 3000th this week from this fancy new website; its fair to say Sharkie and Bear isn’t a flash in the pan, we are here to stay and we have so many more exciting collaborations and projects that we can’t wait to share with you all. 

Our first Sharkie and Bear newsletter went out this week which feels amazing – we had so many sign ups of people who want to get a sneak peek at exclusive product releases and see the behind the scenes reality of how Sharkie and Bear operates! If you haven’t signed up yet, please do - you’ll get 10% off your first order – it’s a no brainer!

Another huge milestone that cannot go unnoticed is our presence on the ITV website!  When we got the news that we had been selected to be showcased on ITV’s competition platform you best believe we were doing our happy dance in the Sharkie and Bear kitchen! Not totally unusual for the S&B team tbh – our favourite earring creations have resulted in happy dances too.  Anyway! We are giving away a years worth of earrings so if you haven’t already, enter here for your chance to win twelve gorgeous Sharkie and Bear beauties:

Well we best be off, earrings to make and new designs to create!  Thanks for reading - we look forward to sharing more special moments with you. And as always, a huge shout out and THANK YOU to our loyal and amazing customers who do so much to spread the Sharkie & Bear name. We love you all!